FLR-Series EPDM Gasket Vision Lite


FLR Series (EPDM gasket vision lite system)
The FLR Series vision lite system is a great way to brand your entrance with a door that will be unique. Using EPDM gasket, we design curved vision lites that may be used in all of our flush doors. Available for ¼” (6.4mm) and 1” (25mm) thick insulated glass. Doors are factory glazed and arrive ready to install. These kits may be available with aluminum glass stops – consult factory for details. Consider a round or oval, half or full vision lite!
Vision Lite Recommendations:
  • Consult factory if total vision lite area will exceed 50% of the foamed area of the door.
  • Avoid hardware conflicts by locating kits at least 8” (203mm) from top of door, 12” (305mm) from bottom of door,
    and 7” (178mm) from the sides of door.
  • Special hardware such as concealed vertical rods, require engineering review when cutout area is near latch stile.


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